8 Mistakes Beginners Make When Transitioning to a Sustainable Lifestyle

Sustainable Living Mistakes

You might think it a good idea to move to a sustainable lifestyle, but many have found this hard. Not because it is hard, but because they did not prepare well. Many of the more sustainable choices do not happen overnight, so you need to be prepared to spend time changing over and not count […]

4 Important Trade Skills You Should Have to be More Self Reliant

Self Reliance

With the ever-growing DIY movement, people are becoming more and more interested in honing their carpentry, plumbing, and electrical skills. As anyone who’s ever tried to fix a leaky pipe or rewire a lamp can tell you, knowing how to do a job yourself can save you a lot of money.   Here are the […]

Beginner and Budget-Friendly DIY Solar Power System! Anyone Can Build This!

DIY Solar System

Exceed your expectations with this DIY Solar project and get a step closer to off-grid living.  The video you’re about to watch is an all-in-one that everybody can understand and install, as well as a budget friendly solar set-up.   DIY solar has changed a lot, the cost and simplicity of what you are getting vs […]